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Smokie Arce

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About Me

Women's Building San Francisco 2009


A self taught artist hailing from the tiny island of Boriken (Puerto Rico) and raised in the cities of New York and Chicago. Currently living in Oakland California. A self-published author of a book of poetry and artwork titled “Abstractvision”  I view life through words and brush. Exhibition across the USA. I've collaborated on a variety of mural projects in the community of Oakland with The B.A.M.P. (Bay Area Mural Program) Whole Food Mural  “Authentically Oakland”and Rosa Park Senior Buchanan Mall NEN Award  mural in San Francisco 2019 , also with instructor/activist/artist Juana Alicia Montonya is titled “Vivir Sin Fronteras “/ “Living without borders” and in the halls of the Women’s Building Center in San Francisco, as well as InkWorks Mural Project True Colors .



I use many different mediums, such as  sharpies, acrylics, and  spray paint. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. My work vividly portrays the joys and pains of navigating between the layers of a multicultural society, producing art that refuses to be marginalized into  urban decay.


My Inspiration

I feeds off every moment captured, never restricted by my womanhood or race, I’ve choosen to exalt it! I have the acknowledge that I can make average folks roll their eyes, freaks freak out and militants get up and leave. But the reason for this is simple. All I want is for my audience to peer behind the scenes of normalcy and see that all we have around is chaos, a false sense of control. Therefore my main focus is serving the community and relaying beacons of hope and well being.